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Annual surveys in the UK, US and Canada that reveal key trends in the industry

2013 UK Video Advertising Report

BrightRoll asked and advertisers responded. Nearly 150 executives at top ad agencies weighed in for the third annual UK Advertising Report. The 2013 report reveals that advertisers are dramatically increasing spend on video inventory, adopting programmatic buying practices and deploying advanced targeting tactics to improve performance.

2013 US Video Advertising Report

The fifth annual US Video Advertising Report from BrightRoll confirms video has emerged from the shadow of digital media options and planted itself in the center of the advertising ecosystem. The report reveals video and TV are considered less competitive and more complementary ad media while programmatic buying is catching the attention of advertisers and playing an increasing role in media buying this year.

2013 Canada Video Advertising Report

More than 300 advertisers and agencies weighed in – 2013 is a breakout year for video advertising in Canada. The third annual Canada Video Advertising Report from BrightRoll and IAB Canada reveals digital video as one of the fastest-growing segments of advertising in Canada, where consumers are also some of the most sophisticated viewers of online and mobile video content in the world.

2012 UK Video Advertising Report

With 65 percent of the UK online video audience is exposed to video ads each month, the 2012 UK Video Advertising Report shows it is clear digital video will continue its path of rapid growth. The report also gives insight that targeting is valued highly by UK advertisers, so there’s no doubt this area will continue to grow and develop.

2012 US Video Advertising Report

Advertising spend shifts and follows consumer habits as technology has forged a new video viewerscape across four screens – computers, smartphones, tablets and connected TVs. The fourth annual US Video Advertising reports reveals that digital advertisers are look to new technologies to help them connect and engage with audiences in a more impactful way, establish meaningful metrics, deliverrnstrong results and maximize investments.

2012 Canada Video Advertising Report

It is projected that advertisers will increase spending in 2012 of online video advertising by 43 percent to top $74 million. The 2012 Canada Video Advertising Report reveals the message is clear for advertisers: digital video is an excellent vehicle to engage the Canadian consumer.

2011 US Video Advertising Report

The 2011 US Video Advertising Survey results show that buyers generally view online video as an effective medium to engage with consumers, forecasting further adoption in the coming year. The report reveals targeting capabilities continue to provide a competitive advantage and the industry has seen substantial growth with the adoption of best practices and introduction of new ad units, platforms and pricing models.

2011 UK Advertising Report

More than 6.5 billion videos were viewed in August 2011, up 29% in six months. The results of the 2011 UK Video Advertisers Report explores the nature of these shifts to provide insights into this consistently changing atmosphere.

2011 US Publisher Report

BrightRoll surveyed more than 100 professionals from premium digital publishers who provided candid opinions on topics including ad exchanges and the rise of mobile video. The goal of this report is to provide advertisers, publishers, and content owners with key insights to determine what’s working, what’s not and what’s driving industry growth.

2010 US Video Advertising Report

BrightRoll conducted a far-reaching survey of executives and media buyers at advertising agencies across the country to gauge their attitudes towards the online advertising industry, particularly as they relate to online video advertising. The survey and accompanying analysis highlight important online advertising trends for 2009 and shed light on issues that are impacting the industry’s growth moving forward.

2010 US Publisher Report

In addition to the annual agency survey, BrightRoll saw the need for a publisher survey. The survey was created to capture another snapshot of the online video advertising space, this time from a publisher perspective. Analysis of both surveys results clearly indicates both sides agree: standardization efforts, technology innovation, effective targeting capabilities, verifiable reporting tools and mobile applications will be the factors that drive growth for 2011 in the online video advertising industry.