BrightRoll can reach your audience

With 650 million targeted video ads in the UK over the last 12 months (as measured by comScore), BrightRoll knows targeting and has the scale to execute campaigns with efficiency. An experienced team identifies and expands audiences based on most relevant data sources. Campaigns that run with BrightRoll leverage a variety of methods to help advertisers reach their audiences at scale. BrightRoll offers real-time, per-impression data access for targeting by two primary types:

  • Site and content targeting – context and category placements
  • Audience – behavioral, geographic, demographic, data targeting

For advertisers that want to reach customers directly and broaden audiences, BrightRoll can employ first-party data owned by advertisers to deliver data-driven audience targeting that is consistently the best performing.

To enhance the range of targeting options available, BrightRoll works with industry leading data providers to leverage their audience segments and deliver third-party data driven audience targeting on the world’s largest video technology platform.

Lotame comScore
bluKai Exelate

BrightRoll identifies the best audiences for an advertiser’s brands and products and then targets these audiences at scale through the engaging, immersive experience only digital video can provide.